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2015-NOV: Trust Code Presentation 2015-11-24
2018 MAR: Cabin Succession Planning, Ruthanne Hedstrom Vos 2018-03-28
Estate Planning in Uncertain Times 2012-10-24
2015-APR: Scharlau Handout Per Stirpes 2015-04-16
2017-OCT: Mindfulness Stress Reduction Resiliency, Tom Hubler 2017-10-25
2010 National Land Trust Census Report 2012-04-25
2015-MAR Newman Long Term Care Handout 2015-03-24
2017-MAR: Social Security, Jordan Nygaard 2017-04-25
2011 Heckerling Update 2012-02-23
2020 FEB: Heckerling Update, Marcia Urban 2020-02-25
2015-JAN: Real Estate and Closely-Held Stock 2015-01-22
2017-JAN: Deep in the Heart of Taxes, David Zoss 2017-02-04
2019 NOV: Tax Reform, Tom LaQua 2019-11-12
2014 SEPT: Iris Freeman Handout, Responding to Financial Exploitation 2014-09-22
2016-MAY: Conservation Easements, James Walston 2016-05-23
2019 APR: Navigating Stereotypes & Biases, Jill Shipley 2019-04-23
MAR-2014 Banking and Lending Environment Handout 2014-03-26
2016-MAY: Conservation Easements, Dwight Dahlen 2016-05-23
2019 JAN: Taxes, Gregory Carlson 2019-01-25
2013 NOV: MN's New Gift Tax and Related Estate Tax Developments 2013-11-27
2016-APR: Advanced Directives, Ann Russell 2016-04-26
2018-OCT: Medicare Health Plan Changes, Christy Namvar 2018-10-03
2013 SEPT: MN's New Civil Marriage Law Handout 2013-09-25
2016-FEB: Heckerling Review 2016-02-25
2018 APR: Will Your Clients Outlive their Live Insurance, Aaron Hanson 2018-04-18
Stacy Eastland's Synergistic FLP Estate Planning I 2013-05-17
2015-NOV: Trust Code Executive Summary 2015-11-24
2018-FEB: Heckerling Highlights, Samantha Heaton 2018-02-28
Land Trust Standards & Practices 2012-04-25
2015-APR: Larkin Handout Beneficiary Lawsuits 2015-04-16
2017-APR: Residency Wars, Masha Yevzelman 2017-04-25
Land Trusts: Real Solutions for Real Estate Inter 2012-04-25
2015-FEB: Stacey Ackerman Handout, Heckerling Review 2015-02-26
2017-FEB: Heckerling Institute Review, Cindy Ackerman 2017-03-01
MInnesota Department of Revenue Estate Presentatio 2012-01-24
JAN 2020: Overlooked Gaps in Financial Advice, Brandon Hillman 2020-01-28
2014-OCT: Medicare Adventure 2014-10-30
8 Insider Tips to Late Stage College Planning 2016-09-27
2019 MAY: Estate Planning for Stranger Things, Don Estes 2019-05-22
2014 MAY: Pauloski Handout 2014-09-22
2016-MAY: Conservation Easements, Ann Thies 2016-05-23
2019 MAR: Life After Business, Julie Keyes, Chris Cuneo, Scott Schneidermann 2019-03-27
2014 FEB: Heckerling Update 2014-02-26
2016-MAY: Conservation Easements, Carissa Brown 2016-05-23
2018-OCT: Tax Reform, Tom LaQua 2018-10-26
2013 OCT: MN Residency Law Update Handout 2013-10-23
2016-MAR: Trust and Estate Litigation Presentation 2016-03-21
2018-MAY: Triggering Owner Action, Scott Snider 2018-05-14
Stacy Eastland's Presentation on FLP Estate Planni 2013-05-17